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Building an i18n library for the modern Web

The rise of metaframeworks with partial hydration has raised some interesting challenges for i18n libraries. This article explores how ParaglideJS attempts to tackle them.

Declarative Exception Handling in JavaScript

Handling many different exception types in JavaScript is a pain. In this article we will play around with a declarative approach to exception handling.

Adding Devtools to Vite plugins

Many frontend frameworks and tools come in the form of Vite-plugins. Here is how plugin authors can inject devtools into the browser during development.

A neat Pattern for Melt UI

Sometimes I want to share behavior of my Melt UI based components with their children. I've found a neat pattern to do so.

The poor man's scheduled post

If you build your site on github pages or netlify, you don't have a server to schedule posts. This article gets around that by using a github action to periodically redeploy your site.

dts-buddy fixes type declarations

dts-buddy is a bundler for type-definitions. It helps sidestep the most common issues with type definitions.

Reliably Avoiding Theme flashes

On sites with a theme-toggle, flashing the default theme before the user's choice is loaded is a common problem. Here's how to avoid it client-side only.

The better way to load data

When loading data, we usually fetch, wait for the response and then render the page. If the fetch is slow, our page is slow. But what if we could render the page while the data is still loading? This is what this article is about.

Never write Mock Data again, with Zocker

Over tha last couple weeks I've been building a library to generate mock data for my projects. Today I'm happy to announce the first stable release of Zocker, a Schema first Mock Data Generator.